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Skip Navigation LinksChecklist for Brunei Darussalam Applicants

Applicants who registered with Brunei Identity Cards [Brunei Citizen (Yellow), Permanent Resident (Purple), Foreign Residents / Expatriates (Green)]

Section A

  1. Fill in the form provided. (downloadable at here.)
  2. Attached related documents in PSC Recruitment Profile. (See section ‘B’)

Section B

Application through PSC Recruitment Portal ( and below are the steps to creating your
PSC Recruitment Profile :-

  1. Register to e-darussalam ( - get your ID and password
  2. Go to (PSC Recruitment Portal)
  3. Create your profile until 100% complete, steps can be found in below links:

Section C


Applicants are required to upload the following documents / forms under "Other Qualifications" in the Education Background of PSC Recruitment Profile :-


All scanned documents must be:

  • In colour as per original document
  • Saved as PDF format
  • Size not more than 2MB
  • File name must not contain any symbols such as-!@#$%^&*()?{} & etc
  • Must be certified true copy

**Applications that does not follow provided guidelines may be rejected due to incomplete application.

Section D


  1. PSC Application Form;  downloadable here.
  2. Curriculum Vitae
  3. Evidence of Completion of Internship/Pre-registration/Foundation Training.
  4. Full Medical Registration of practice after completion of Internship/Pre-registration/Foundation Training or equivalent registration.
  5. All relevant Postgraduate Qualifications and Professional Membership
  6. Current medical practicing license
  7. Letters of Service/Proof of Employment